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LCAP Documents

This proposed LCAP responds to the eight state priorities, which are organized below into three larger headings:


  • Conditions for Learning
    • Basic: A) teachers fully credentialed and appropriately assigned, B) standards-aligned instructional materials for every student, C) school facilities in good repair
    • Implementation of State Standards: implementation of all CA state standards, including how English learners access the curriculum and English learning development standards
    • Course Access: students have access to and are enrolled in a broad course of study
  • Pupil Outcomes
    • Pupil Achievement: A) state CAASPP assessments, B) English learners progress on obtaining proficiency, C English learner reclassification rate
    • Other Pupil Outcomes: student outcomes for subjects through local measures
  • Engagement
    • Parent Involvement: A) parent input in decision-making, B) parent participation in programs for unduplicated pupils
    • Pupil Engagement: A) attendance rates, B) chronic absenteeism rates
    • School Climate: A) suspension rates, B) expulsion rates, C) surveys regarding safety and connectedness

Our proposed goals are listed below.

Goal 1: Montecito Union School will have a relevant, rigorous, and integrated curriculum, taught by appropriately assigned and credentialed teachers using materials designed to engage the “whole child” in facilities that are safe and in good repair. Staff will utilize best practices and multiple assessment measures. 

Goal 2: English Learners at Montecito Union School will receive a relevant and rigorous curriculum, making regular progress and achieving at levels similar to English-only peers after a reasonable period of time. 

Goal 3: Montecito Union School will promote the consistent demonstration of kindness, respect, and integrity. Students will be given the skills to communicate effectively and display appropriate social skills and manners. Students will be nurtured socially and emotionally. Students will develop mindfulness, health, and advocacy skills. Students will develop a strong sense of empathy and a need to respect the views of others. Parents will continue to be involved partners in the school, especially when it comes to programs regarding English learners, foster youth, students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, or students with exceptional needs. 

The LCAP was approved at the June 12, 2023 Board meeting.

Please find the Local Control Accountability Plan attached. 

2023 Local Control Accountability Plan