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MUS Efforts to Prevent Anaphylactic Reaction


For students who have a known allergy, the plan to prevent inadvertent exposures and manage anaphylactic reaction at MUS is comprehensive and contains all recommended components of the newly passed voluntary guidelines for school including but not limited to:

  1. Methods for identification of students with a known allergy, which could potentially result in anaphylactic reaction. 
  2. School Staff training 
  3. Credentialed School Nurses trained to identify, assess, treat, and manage any allergic reactions:
  • Securing " Supply Epi-Pens" and a wall mounted unlocked storage container for the Nurse's Office clearly identified and accessible for use by trained staff for students with unknown/known allergies that do not have current medication at school 
  • Developing a flow chart for allergic management and treatment
  • Compliance with confidentiality regulations by ensuring that student identification is readily available available to school staff but with privacy respected
  • New medication guidelines to prevent inadvertent exposures: 1) New medication authorization and guidelines for medication at school, 2) new mobile medication cart implemented for secure centralized storage of student medication and disaster supplies
  • Nut-free table option: If you choose to have your child sit at the "Nut-free table" please fill out requested form below
  • Special meal accommodations: Students who require special meal accommodations please fill out the "Meal Accommodation Form" this ensures the safety of your child by helping staff identify allergies and preventing an inadvertent exposure by notifying the Food Service & Catering Coordinator. When your child inputs his/her lunch identification code at the meal cart an alert will prompt with his/her allergies.

Students who require special meal accommodations, please print and have a licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner fill out the "Meal Accommodation Form." Once the form is completed please return to the School Nurse's office, email at or fax to (805)969-0633.