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MUS Medication At School Guideline


In accordance with California Education Code Section 49423, the following must be provided if you and your child’s physician determine that medication(s) are required to be taken during the school day or during school sponsored trips/outings/events.

1.     An Authorization to Administer Medication(s) form is required for ALL medications, prescription and over-the-counter.

2.    The Authorization to Administer Medication(s) form must be completed by BOTH the parent/guardian and the physician BEFORE they can be administered.

3.    Medications are kept in a locked cabinet in the Health Office unless the physician and parent authorized the student to carry and self-administer without assistance or supervision.

4.    If the medication is to be carried and self-administered by the student, he/she must read and sign the Student Statement at the bottom of the form.

5.    A new Authorization to Administer Medication(s) form must be completed whenever a change occurs.

6.    The Authorization to Administer Medication(s) form must be renewed annually at the beginning of every school year.

7.    Medication must be provided by parent/guardian in the original, labeled container. Prescription medications must have the original pharmacy label, which includes the student name, physician name, medication name, expiration date, medication dose/strength, and specific administration instructions.

8.    Medications should be brought to school by the parent/guardian or other authorized adult. Please do not send medication to school with the student.

9.    It is the parent /guardian responsibility to maintain an adequate supply of medication to ensure no disruption in the student’s medication regime at school. Expired medication will not be administered per California Education Code. Parent/guardian will be notified when medication expires and needs to be replaced.

10.  ALL medications must be picked up by the parent/guardian or other authorized adult the last week of school. The School Nurse will dispose of medications left at school.

11. If an Authorization to Administer Medication(s) form is suspected to be forged, the medical provider and site administrator will be notified at a minimum.  Falsifying a medical provider signature or medication form is illegal and reportable. 

Administer Medication Form