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Free, Convenient, At-School Testing

Free, Convenient, At-School Testing

We offer free COVID testing every morning to MUS students and staff members that are returning to school after an exposure, returning after recovering from symptoms, or who want to test due to other elevated risk factors.  We are currently offering 25 spots a day, and we will decrease and increase these slots based on availability and demand.


We have a new appointment platform to signup and schedule COVID tests. You can click HERE to sign up


 PLEASE NOTE:  Use the name of the student (or students) being tested. 


If you have more than one student to be tested you can fill out both names under “First Name” (see example below).


Click HERE to sign up


Providing your email address allows for confirmation and cancelation of your testing appointment. 


 Please arrive at 8:00am SHARP so we can complete the testing protocol and get students to class on time.  


 Thank you! All testing is done in Room 6, see map below.