Carnival and Blood Drive



This MUS tradition takes place on a Saturday in the spring and is one of the PTA’s largest fundraisers and the biggest parent run event of the year. A highlight for the children throughout the community, Carnival offers many fun rides and game booths, as well as food and musical performances. Students sell raffle tickets and parents buy ride/activity tickets and donate family sponsorships to raise money for the school. Parent volunteers are needed on many levels, from event chairs to ticket sales, booth organizers and workers. If your child or family attends the carnival, please consider volunteering for one of the many fun opportunities that are available

Blood Drive

Each year, MUS hosts a blood drive in the multi-purpose room. The local blood bank sends representatives to screen donors and collect blood. This is open to teachers, parents and members of the local community. Parent volunteers are needed to organize the event and solicit donors to sign up for appointments. This is another important way our school supports the greater community.