• P.E. Curriculum

    The basic goals of the Montecito Union PE program are for students to have fun while developing a sound level of physical  fitness in a safe environment, learn basic athletic skills, develop a positive attitude towards physical fitness and demonstrate positive sportsmanship at all times. P.E. classes in grades K-2 meet for 30 minutes twice weekly and 3-6th grades for one 45 minute and one 30 minute class.

    Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
      •  Basic locomotor skills, group activities, spatial awareness, hand eye coordination and cooperation are emphasized as important lifelong skills. 
      •  Sportsmanship and positive attitude are always emphasized.

    3rd - 6th Grades
      •  Athletic and physical fitness skills, fitness testing (including strength, flexibility, endurance and agility) and rules of basic sports are developed, always stressing positive attitude and sportsmanship.

    Presidential and National Physical Fitness Components
      •  Shuttle Run

      •  Curl-Ups
      •  Sit and Reach Stretch
      •  Mile or Half-Mile Run
      •  Pull-Ups, Push-Ups or Arm Hang

    Extracurricular Sports
      •  Tournament of Champions Track Meet (grades 3-6) 
      •  All-County Track Meet (grades 3-6) 
      •  Laguna Blanca School Relays and Easter Relays (grades 5-6)