• School Site Council

    School Site Council is a committee required by California Education Code to develop and monitor the Single Plan for Student Achievement and ensure that categorical funds (a very small portion of our funds – less than 1%) are being spent as intended as well as getting results. For example, Title I funds are use to provide interventions to students, supporting their needs to help them achieve grade-level standards.

    School Site Council consists of 5 parents, 3 teachers, one “other” staff member (someone without their own class roster such as an aide, specialist or office staff) and a standing member from administration, the Chief Academic Officer. The other members must be elected by their peers and serve for 2-year terms. Having diverse stakeholders helps ensure a collaborative culture of ensuring student achievement. Each spring elections are held to fill vacancies and we encourage you to consider throwing your name into the mix!

    School Site Council generally meets on the first Monday of each month at 3:15. These are open public meetings that fall under the requirements of the Brown Act. Agendas must be posted 72 hours in advance (on the front door and web) and minutes are always available for review. If a particular agenda item catches your interest and you’d like to hear our discussion, please join us! We post agendas, minutes and working drafts of our Single Plan for Student Achievement on our website under “Our School”. If you have specific questions or comments, you are welcome to contact the Chief Academic Officer or any of our members.