• Maria Kalin
    Maria Kalin
    Spanish Specialist
    Room 30 
       I am a native Argentine. I was born and raised in Argentina. I started my long love with language learning when I was introduced to English my first year of elementary school. Ever since then I have been learning and perfecting my language skills. In Argentina I got my bachelor degree in English. I double majored in English Language Teaching and Translation. Twenty years ago I moved to the USA to pursue a Masters Degree. After completing my California Teachers Credential requirements, I enrolled at UCSB graduate school where I earned a Masters in Education with emphasis in Reading. 
       I have been teaching English on and off for the last 26 years. I started teaching in Argentina in both full immersion and limited exposure programs. In Santa Barbara I worked at Court Community Schools for a semester helping EL students achieve English proficiency. I have been in charge of the English Language Development program here at MUS for eleven years now.
       I have been teaching Spanish in Santa Barbara for the last 20 years. I have taught Spanish at all levels, from Kindergarten to AP classes. I enjoy learning and I am continuously challenging myself. I love art and technology and I have been able to combine both to enrich the Spanish program here at our school.