• Marsha Brown
    5th Grade • Room 28 • 805-969-3249 Ext. 228 • mbrown@montecitou.org


    The best years of my life have been spent while teaching at Montecito Union School. I have had the privilege of working with the most professional, educated, flexible, thought-provoking, and life-long-learners for over 16 years. I continue to cherish the career that I have chosen, and value the lives that I come in contact with every day. Every year I am amazed with our ever changing world, and continue to be challenged with the task to continue to seek best practices, teach for understanding, and encourage dispositional thinkers.  
    As a mother of two young girls, I find myself eager to experience new places and keep them busy! My favorite things to do on my "free" time include, running with my dog on the beach and Eling's Park, biking Jesuita trail, playing volleyball at East Beach, or being active somewhere in beautiful Santa Barbara. And with the daily photo opportunities in paradise, I seem to have adopted a new hobby, photography.
    So, feel free to stop by and "meet the teacher." I'd be happy to share more about me and my teaching philosophy and style if you're interested. Meanwhile, I am proud to say that I couldn't be in a better environment where students are the forethought of every big and little decision at Montecito Union School.