• Over the last few years I have been given the great opportunity to work with our Student Leaders. Supported by the resources of the PTA, the “Student Leader” concept has grown and changed through the years. As a general overview, any student in 6th grade can participate. Student leaders must meet all the expectations of 6th grade and commit to attending a meeting every Wednesday during lunch. Additionally, we typically meet once during the summer, to finalize our plans, welcome back teachers and help out in any way we can.

    As much as possible this is a student driven program. As illustrated in the Service Learning model, students actively engage in decision making, reflection, working towards goals, leading meetings, sharing with others, giving back. The Student Leaders have set the following goals for the 2011-2012 school year.

    1.    Plan and advertise at least 3 spirit days to encourage school spirit.
    2.    Research charities and organizations to support for the year.
    3.    Plan events to raise money or give items to the charity.

    We have been quite busy getting these goals accomplished. Here’s what we have done so far.

    • Made the Mustangs Hall of Fame (mural and painting!)

    • Started 100 Day Campaign for Direct Relief International- ending in December

    • Completed a Jean Drive (Donated 300+ jeans to the homeless in Santa Barbara)

    • Planned our first spirit day- Pajama Day on Nov. 10

    • Prepared skits and announcements for the Friday Flag. 

    We hope to host on more big charity event in the Spring and plan 2 more spirit days.

    Thanks for your participation in our events,

    Jennifer Wilson