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    Allison Atwill
    Art specialist


             Rima Muna
    Art specialist


         Ryan Arellano
    Art assistant

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    The brush stroke at the moment of contact caries inevitably the exact state of being of the artist at that exact moment into the work, and there it is, to be seen and read by those who can read by such signs, and to be read later by the artist himself, with perhaps some surprise, as a revelation of himself."~ Robert Henri

    " Every tremor in the brush is the universe speaking." ~ John Tarrant


    Art is concerned with meaning, the transformational power of beauty, and the expression of personal experience. It is the repository of culture and it is the most ancient form of communication. For forty thousand years or more, human beings have expressed through visual images what cannot be expressed in spoken or written language. A child who graduates without an arts education is a semi-literate human being.

    The study of art teaches essential skills and knowledge. Students learn the joy and discipline of craftsmanship, the use of visual symbols to express meaning, and the rich artistic treasure of 40,000 years of art history. Art teaches the understanding of subtle connections, similarities and differences, skills of observation, discernment, critical thinking, and learning to see what is.

    The art program at Montecito Union is based on a philosophy of art education developed by the Getty Foundation called Discipline-Based Art Education (DBAE). It incorporates art history, art production, art criticism and aesthetics. Our program is sequential in design and is integrated into the classroom curriculum. Students gain an understanding of art as symbolic language and of its historical and cultural context. They develop skills and knowledge of a variety of techniques of art production including sculpture, printmaking, painting, drawing and ceramics. During this process students develop their own personal aesthetic and learn to understand and express their response to specific artworks.

    The art classes are 45 minutes once a week for K-1, and 90 minutes every other week for grades 2-6. Students view slides, prints and original art, hear lectures about artists lives and the culture in which the art was created (art history), discuss their responses to the art (art criticism), watch demonstrations of various techniques and make art (art production), and discuss personal choices and vision in their own work (aesthetics). The art program at MUS is unique among elementary schools in California in its scope and depth. In 1999 we were awarded the Exemplary Visual Arts Program Award by the California Art Education Association.


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