• Rusty Ito
    Assistant Principal
    Welcome to Montecito Union School! As Assistant Principal, my most important responsibility is to ensure that all students feel safe, supported, and nurtured so that they can reach their maximum potential. In addition to student-related matters, I oversee all non-instructional school operations including counseling,  technology, facilities, state testing, and classified staff. In the instructional realm, I oversee Spanish and English Learner Programs.  Students, families, and community members can connect with me as a first line of communication for all non-instructional and school operations questions. 
    One of my main focus areas at Montecito Union School is to support the character development of all students. Teachers, staff, and administration use the Habits of Mind framework to cultivate dispositions that will ensure future success in both academic and non-academic settings. Our whole child approach ensures that students have a voice in the learning process, learn to take responsible risks, manage impulsivity, and foster a sense of community and mutual interdependence. We see mistakes and conflict as opportunities for learning and lasting growth. For this reason, our staff values Restorative Approaches to student discipline and a deep focus on proactive means of building community. 

    If you have any questions, concerns, or needs, please contact me: 

    Phone: (805) 969-3249 x410