• History
    This event was created 35 years ago to promote the study of mathematics and to honor the outstanding math students in Santa Barbara County.

    On May 1, 1982, the first South Coast Mathematics Superbowl was held in Porter Hall, on the Westmont College campus. One hundred and twenty students, representing ten schools, participated in the event. The annual event soon outgrew Porter Hall, and was moved to the Santa Barbara County Education Office. In May of 2001, the Superbowl was moved to Warren Hall at the Earl Warren Showgrounds to accommodate even more schools.

    The South Coast Mathematics Superbowl is hosted by Montecito Union School, Cold Spring School, Peabody Charter School, and the Santa Barbara County Education Office. Volunteers from these organizations work together to make this event happen each year.

    Many schools start preparing for the Math Superbowl in September, and work throughout the year to practice for the event. Each participating school selects its top 4 math students in grades 4, 5, and 6. This team of 12 students represents its school at the event. All team members receive a certificate recognizing their accomplishment in being chosen to represent their school.

    “The Math Superbowl is an outstanding program and I salute all those who work so hard each year to make it happen. Math is essential to every part of learning and life. Anything that helps children get involved, get excited, and get proficient is worth all our support. The Math Superbowl does that and more. It is a wonderful way to help young people excel in a critical subject area. Congratulations to all those who planned the event, to all those wonderful ‘mathletes’ who take part, and to the families that so enthusiastically support their children in this area.”

                      Bill Cirone, Santa Barbara County Superintendent of Schools

     Superbowl kids