• Superbowl Schedule

    8:00 -  8:30         Registration

    8:30 -  8:45         Instructions

    8:45 -  9:40         Individual Competition  (Test)

    9:40 -10:00         Break  (Refreshments Served)

    10:00-10:40        Team Problems

    10:40-11:30        Hands-On Activity

    11:30-11:45        Keynote

    11:45-12:30        Presentation of Awards

    The individual competition consists of two sections. A 25 item multiple-choice test (1 pt. each) and a 5 question free response problem solving test (5 pts each).  After a break for refreshments, each grade-level team of 4 students competes on a team test made up of 5 questions. Each problem is worth 20 points. Teams may use calculators for this test. Next is a hands-on activity where the students compete as a grade-level team. This hands-on team activity will be a challenging event designed to solve a particular problem using certain types of materials. Separate awards are given for this activity. Following the hands-on activity, awards are presented to individuals, grade-level teams, and schools.