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    To help us plan and organize for the event, there are 2 steps to the registration process.

    Step 1: Submit a completed School Registration form.  It must be returned to the Montecito Union School, along with the $100 registration fee in the form of a check by mail or delivered in person.  Although we anticipate being able to accommodate all interested schools, it is in each school’s best interest to return the School Registration Form as soon as possible to assure a place in the event. Payment and school registration form is due no later than March 23, 2018.  Please make check payable to Montecito Union School. 

    Step 2: Submit student names through a shared google file or by e-mail.  Names must be received by 5/11/18.  

    In the past, we have tried to provide schools with copies of past tests, answer keys, and other support materials when requested by the schools. Unfortunately, it has now reached the point where we will no longer be able to accommodate this type of request. Each school that participates in the Math Superbowl receives a packet that includes copies of all tests with answer keys. It is the school’s responsibility to maintain a file of these materials if they wish to have them available for practice.