• How can my child qualify for GATE?

    For the purposes of funding, the Montecito Union School is required to establish a process by which students are identified for GATE. We have selected grades 4, 5 and 6 to satisfy these requirements. Fourth and fifth grade students are tested in February each year, and qualification for GATE is based on their performance on the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) as well as their scores on the spring STAR achievement test. Testing for GATE is optional; no student will be denied participation in any activity because they have not qualified. Students are placed in challenge math or reading groups based on their abilities, regardless of whether they have is qualified for the GATE program.

    To find out more about the criteria used to qualify students as GATE, go to the section termed “qualification criteria.”
    What if my child does not qualify for GATE?

    If students do not qualify for GATE in fourth grade, they can take the Cognitive Abilities Test again in fifth grade. If they do not qualify in fifth grade, they have an opportunity to retake the test again in sixth grade. If a student wishes to qualify for GATE in sixth grade, they are qualified by Santa Barbara School District, to facilitate the transfer as a GATE student into SBSD.

    The GATE program is not a pull out program; it is not designed to exclude non- GATE students from special programs. All students will have access to instruction based on their abilities, regardless of whether they qualified for the GATE program. GATE funds from the State are used for staff development, training teachers to differentiate the instruction, to identify gifted students and to provide programs like the Mini-Grant program, which are open to all students, whether they are GATE identified or not.